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If you like watching sex that breaks society’s biggest taboos, My Family Pies has it all including sex with stepfathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. Some of these sexy scenes take place behind closed doors but many of the scenarios feature group sex and even a bukkake, featuring all of the male members of their family fucking one bratty little step-sister or one especially lusty step-mommy. The sex is often quite gentle and good-natured, with a bit of tongue-in- cheek with regards to the site’s title My Family Pies.

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These people do not share any real-life DNA, so nobody is really committing incest in these videos. Instead, the narratives in these hot and daring videos center mainly on the sexual tension that is created when a step-daddy or stepbrother catches his attractive new sibling masturbating. Many of the stories are about the desire that mounts when a step-brother or step-daddy just happens to be around while a slender young nubile is working out on a muscle bench wearing nothing but shorts and a short crop top, or taking selfies of herself naked in the bedroom a Hot wowgirls

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The stories seem to have a couple o main themes, all of them associated with the idea of being a voyeur and peeking in on someone masturbating. Often it is the stepbrother helping out a stepsister who is masturbating but needs a cock inside of her to truly cum. There are also lots of videos of stepmoms teaching daughters how to cum and sons how to find the G-spot. The first theme is the idea of being a spy who looks on while family members fuck in secret, often getting off before being discovered and asking to join in on the fun. Yet another common theme is that of the step-sister being told she is very naughty and therefore in need of a spanking by her strict step-mom or step-dad.

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Usually, the defiant young lady is punished for something, such as ignoring mom or dad’s orders or spending too much time on her cell-phone. There are also quite a few scenes where a step-brother pretends to be asleep while the step sister or stepmother sneaks over and then begins to stroke or suck his cock. Sometimes the naughty female relative will just mount the young fellow and straddle him, while he still pretends to be asleep, even while cumming. This is based on the idea that if you pretend not to know about it by pretending to be asleep, then the betrayal and incest did not happen and you are innocent! Some of the wildest videos on the site feature group sex spontaneously happening while the family is trying to be normal.

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Some of these family members are so hot for each other that they cannot eat a meal together or watch television without succumbing to lust. There are also many quite hilarious videos that show the family having group sex on Christmas morning at the dinner table and beneath the Christmas tree. Instead of unwrapping the Christmas tree, they take of each other’s clothing and indulge in some hot oral sex. The holiday-themed videos are also hilarious because the family often gives each other presents, and usually, they are sex toys that have been stuffed inside stockings. Aside from having some incredible content that is often updated, these videos have very slick production value with excellent sound values and great film angles that let you get up close and personal with every pussy as it cums. Many of the women on this site are expert squirters who can shoot their juices across the room.

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The videos can be marked as favorites or you can download them and stream them to your computer. Regardless, the videos run without any type of commercial, stutter or other technical issue and once you download one; it is yours to watch forever. There are nearly thousand hot and horny incest-themed videos on this, which offers you an amazing value for the three discounted memberships offered, including the 30-day membership, the 90-day membership and the 365-day membership. Of course, if you sign up for the full year, you will be saving the most money and also signing up for a long-term membership will also give you the time you need to go through all of the amazing adult videos that are available to you on Each female performer, (the step-moms, and step-sisters) has a profile that shows a still from her sexiest moment online and also a library of her videos currently online on My Family Pies. If you like blondes with very long hair and thinner bodies, there are quite a few of them on this site and the women are mostly nubiles. You might also run across the occasional light-haired brunette or strawberry blonde. The skin on these models is absolutely flawless and not many of these girls have tattoos or piercings. You can start out by browsing through the most recent models to the site or you can search by date or a tag to find exactly the type of situation or girl that you are looking for.

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